The interesting things: An Analysis Of The Most Iconic Supermodel Runway Walks: From Gigi Hadid To Hailey Bieber

The most successful models in history are renowned for their runway walks.

From predator-inspired stomps to laid-back hip swings, each supermodel has perfected archetypal struts, which has catapulted them to international fame and catwalk notoriety.

Over the years, Jourdan Dunn has come to be known for her structured, powerful runway prowess while Hailey Baldwin is known for her long strides and flowing arms. Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid has perfected her walk, adopting a slight tilt to her head as she commands attention among her contemporaries.

We caught up with Elite London’s executive new faces agent Anna Masters, and head of scouting Joel Bough to find out their analysis of the most catwalk walks.

1) Karlie Kloss: The Panther

Dubbed ‘the panther’ or ‘the predator’, Karlie Kloss’ stride is famed for exuding confidence and authority.

At 6ft 2inch, Karlie uses her hips to sashay down the catwalk in heels with exaggerated arm movements to ensure all eyes are on her.

‘Karlie stalks the catwalk like a panther but even more iconic are her power gaze and the wiggle!’ explains Bough.

‘Both of which can be seen perfectly executed in Dior’s SS10 collection by John Galliano where she opened the show in a film noir cloud of smoke. If you haven’t seen it, stop everything you’re doing and go watch it now. It’s legendary.’

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2) Naomi Campbell: The Strut

Remember Beyoncé’s attitude-filled walk in her music video ‘Crazy in Love’?

Well, it was reportedly inspired by Naomi’s famous strut, which mixes the perfect level of sophistication and laissez-faire air.

Masters notes: ‘What can be said about Naomi’s walk that hasn’t already been said?

‘Perhaps it’s best to mention one of her most recent outings, closing the YSL SS20 show under the Eiffel Tower where it was all about restrained poise, hands in pockets, chin up, and looking regal in a black sequinned suit.

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‘At this point, she knows she owns the runway and doesn’t need to prove it with any of her old-school tricks, spins, or sass. She paid her dues and the walk simply says: “You’re welcome.”‘

3) Gigi Hadid: The Authority

The supermodel might have previously been known as the Californian ‘girl next door’, smiling with Taylor Swift’s #squad and enjoying nights in cooking with her on/off boyfriend Zayn Malik on Instagram but on the catwalk, Gigi is a force to be reckoned with.

The 24-year-old’s slightly tilted forward shoulders and soft movement on the catwalk show everyone who is boss.

‘Gigi is all about the sultry eyes!’ says Bough. ‘Her walk is surprisingly relaxed with a little tilt which comes from her stiff neck, reminiscent of some runway veterans like Heather Marks.

‘Gigi is all California sunsets, bronzed skin, and beachy hair, and her best moments can be seen in her collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger where she knows it’s all about her, as it should be!’

4) Coco Rocha: The Angled

With her inimitable bone structure, Coco makes sure viewers are mesmerized by her theatrical walk, added with a subtle head move with each step.

‘Coco Rocha serves pure fashion doll on the runway with her angular walk which has just a hint of sass sprinkled on it,’ analyses Masters.

‘She doesn’t need to be dancing down the runway for you to know she has some form of classical training, the toned calves give that away.

‘Coco comes from the era when girls stopped and posed when they got to the end of the catwalk, less seen on modern-day runways but when she does it, she absolutely owns it.’

5) Jourdan Dunn: The Structured

Unlike her contemporaries, Jourdan doesn’t rely on her hips and legs to emphasize her walk. The 29-year-old – who recently announced her engagement – keeps her legs tightly tucked together with minimal waist movement that’s far more subtle than Karlie and Naomi’s struts.

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Bought explains the walk, adding: ‘Considering her ballsy south London attitude, Jourdan Dunn brings elegance and poise to her runway walk with a very serene and subtle sashay.

‘Notable moments include her Prada SS09 exit in that iconic crinkly gold twinset, well remembered because many of the other models fell over due to the tricky combination of sock and strappy sandal, but not Jourdan!’

6) Hailey Bieber: The Speedster

A frequent sight on Tommy Hilfiger’s catwalk, Hailey is known for taking large, fast-paced strides down the catwalk that is slightly more considered than Gigi’s. 

‘It’s her wide stance and gait that sets Hailey Bieber’s walk apart,’ says Masters.

‘No crisscrossing here, it’s all strong arms and masculine strut. Her appearance at Off-White AW17 is a good example of this.’

‘Also, she loves to swing her arms about when she turns at the end, a little flail that says, “yeah, I’m a 5ft 11inch Brazilian goddess with limbs to die for, and what?”

‘Or in the case of her Victoria’s Secret back-catalogue, the hands are usually on the hips with a signature double-sided pose at the end so you will surely see that she looks just as flawless from both the left and the right.

‘Watch and learn!’

8) Mona Tougaard: The Ballerina

The model made her runway debut at Prada AW19 and has pretty much walked for every major designer since as a result of her effortless glide along the catwalk.

‘Mona’s uniqueness is her ability to embody any designer’s vision reflected in her countless appearances on all the major runways,’ explains Bough.

‘Her walk is cool and effortless just like her, she doesn’t try too hard! Her subtle, elegant movement down the catwalk means no distraction from her incredible beauty.’

9) Mika Schneider: The Royal

‘With her beautifully delicate features and graceful presence, the 18-year-old glides down the catwalk,’ says Masters.

The model has recently walked for the likes of Prada, Saint Laurent, Loewe, Valentino, Chanel, McQueen, and Tom Ford and it looks like her success is growing from strength to strength.

Masters adds: ‘Her luxurious walk has all the top houses clamoring to work with her including Tom Ford where she was the perfect fit for his AW20 bride, closing the show no less!’

10) Krini Hernandez: The Sway

‘A cool modern beauty, Krini exudes a calm confidence in her walk with a subtle bounce and a knowing look of confidence, perfectly executed opening Stella McCartney’s SS20 show,’ says Bough.

At just 19 years old, this runaway star is in demand having walked for the likes of Proenza Schouler, Prada, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Miu Miu, and Dior.

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